Extreme Plastic Lockers

Robust, highly vandal resistant and hygienic eXtreme Plastic Lockers.

The eXtreme range is available in three heights, all with the same base size, so they can stacked and nested to efficiently fill any space.

The modular design acts in the same way as bricks in a wall with the resulting column being far stronger than a single unit ever could.

Each unit has a profiled top and corresponding recessed base, allowing the lockers to be easily stacked and combined with a range of accessories including sloping tops. Whilst the lockers are not pre-drilled for fixing they are manufactured with specially marked fixing points enabling the lockers to be securely fastened together using the provided corrosion resistant nuts & bolts.

Why choose eXtreme plastic lockers?

Weather resistant – This locker was designed from the ground up to withstand the harshest of environments.

Highly Vandal Resistant – The eXtreme lockers are constructed from hard wearing polyethylene – unlike steel lockers eXtreme are undentable making them highly vandal resistant. The doors have a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees enabling adjacent lockers to be accessed without obstruction. In order for this to be successful the eXtreme locker has a special industry leading hinge which can withstand over
250kg of force.

Secure – As standard, eXtreme lockers come fitted with a unique RD4 cam with its special shape and 3mm thick cam bar. That’s industry leading security as standard. The superior build quality ensures all door nibs are correctly aligned with the recessed grooves and are the correct length. Unlike other plastic lockers eXtreme are designed to resist thieves.

Hygienic – For hygiene, the lockers have been designed with small drainage holes allowing
for hygienic wash-downs with a high pressure hose. Perfect for environments where cleanliness is critical.

Rapid Response – These lockers are manufactured using a slightly different process (in the UK) which means we can respond to your order very quickly and begin production almost immediately.

Success Stories

Bird’s Bush Primary School – Bird’s Bush Primary school were using the Summer break to undertake some needed renovation work and wanted a flexible cloakroom solution that would match the new colourful layout.

195 eXtreme Plastic Lockers were installed in small banks, spread around the school.

By stacking the 450mm lockers in columns of either 3 or 4, the school was able to maximise storage space whilst ensuring that pupils in each area could safely reach every compartment.

The sloping tops prevent the accumulation of litter and clutter so the lockers will stay clean and fresh for a long time.

Box Hill School – Box Hill co-educational boarding and day school is a small independent school, set in a beautiful location with a mix of classic architecture & modern buildings.

With a substantial amount of building work going on around the school, they needed a flexible locker solution which would not interfere with the renovation work.

160 x 900mm high plastic lockers were installed in sheltered spots around the school. Once all construction has been completed the lockers will be relocated to more permanent locations.

Fowey & Salcombe Harbours – The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) needed to install two blocks of life jacket lockers as part of an initiative to encourage the use of life jackets when coming into harbour.

Now boat owners can wear the lifejackets as they sail into the harbour and store them safely and conveniently the moment they reach shore.

24 eXtreme Plastic Lockers were installed at Fowey and Salcombe habours using a custom built secured frame to ensure the lockers could withstand the harsh coastal environment.

With security & weather resistance being of paramount importance, the eXtreme Plastic Lockers really was the only possible choice!